2014 Featured Stories


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Coral Reef Conservation 2014-A Year in Review

This year, the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program together with its many partners made some important strides forward in conserving the nation's coral reefs and advancing the science needed to manage these valuable resources.

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Conservation through Education - Island Style

The Marine Outreach and Education U.S. Virgin Islands Style initiative is encouraging residents to participate in natural resource management and to play a more active role in conservation efforts.

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Science to Support Marine Resource Management in Maui

New parrotfish and goatfish management rules in Maui seek to strike a balance between commercial fishing and conservation. Recent fishing rules signed by Hawaii's governor highlight how important solid science is to effective ecosystem-based management practices. More....



Educational Program Spotlights Ocean Acidification

"Waterways" Episode Features the Science and Technology of Ocean Acidification Research. The Florida educational program Waterways explores ocean acidification and its impact on coral reefs with NOAA scientists.


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Deep-Sea Coral Research & Technology Program Report to Congress 2014

NOAA Fisheries announces the release of the 2014 Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program Report to Congress.


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Campaign Wins Award

NOAA/SeaWeb Campaign Wins 'The Maui News' Award