Coral Reef Conservation Financial Assistance

The Coral Reef Conservation Program provides financial awards (grants and cooperative agreements) to support conservation projects and scientific studies that benefit coral reef management across seven U.S. states and territories, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.

Each year, we strive to award at least $8 million in grants and cooperative agreements, which are matched by nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, regional fishery management councils, commercial entities, community groups, and state and territorial natural resource management agencies. All projects focus on the reduction of primary threats to coral reefs—global climate change, land-based sources of pollution, and unsustainable fishing practices— and coral reef restoration as outlined in the Coral Reef Conservation Program’s Strategic Plan. Funded projects also focus on priority coral reef regions and watersheds.

Program Highlight

4Hope Virtual Event Celebrates Florida’s Coral Reef

Divers working on the 100 Yards of Hope project
Divers working on the 100 Yards of Hope project. (Jim Hellman, Force Blue)

Force Blue, a CRCP grantee, is currently working on 100 Yards of Hope. The restoration project has special operations veterans working alongside scientists to restore a football field area of coral in Biscayne Bay. To raise awareness about Florida’s Coral Reef, Force Blue is hosting 4Hope on Jan. 21, 2021. Speakers at the virtual event include CRCP staff. Learn more about 4Hope and register here.